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    A few possible suggestions.


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    A few possible suggestions.

    Post by Fireskeletonz on Thu Feb 16, 2017 7:24 pm

    Heya, I really love the game so far, and I'm looking forwards to the future updates.

    I have a few features that I think would make the game better.

    1. Adding a way to be able to change the speed of the attacks. Such as, making the bones move faster, ECT.
    Im talking like maybe a slider near the top or bottom that you can change in the middle of a fight, instead of doing it in
    the options.

    Im not sure if this would be possible, but if it is, it would really make the game more fun.

    Maybe also adding a size modifier would be cool, but I also do not know if that is possible or not.

    2. Mettaton attacks, and yellow soul.

    3. Green soul, But I know that the yellow and green soul will probably be added eventually anyways.

    4. Never pops up in the game, but maybe gaster blasters that have blue and orange lasers.

    5. That one bone attack where it shows the warning box and the bones come from the sides.

    6. Maybe some of the undyne spear attacks, not the green soul ones.

    Thats all my ideas, I know that whatever you do will make the game better. Good luck!
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    Re: A few possible suggestions.

    Post by Game Player on Thu Feb 16, 2017 9:52 pm

    Wait for updates! Very Happy

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